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Deutsch   Der Fragebogen wurde für die Befragung in Kiew zunächst in englischer Übersetzung an die ukrainischen Partner übermittelt und von diesen dann ins Ukrainische übersetzt. Leichte Nuancierungen in den Statements (und damit auch in den Antworten der Befragten) sind bei dieser Doppelübertragung nicht auszuschließen. Im Folgenden finden Sie die englische Fassung des Bogens. Zurück zum deutschsprachigen Bogen kommen Sie hier.

Questionnaire about teenage commitment to politics
Our team conducts an opinion-poll among teenagers. We want to know about
their commitment to politics and would like you to take part in this
survey. We cooperate with a team of students from Attendorn, Germany.
Therefore, this opinion-poll will be conducted in both countries

Only to be marked in the box! (o)

 a) grade:   ______

 b) age:     ______ years

 c) sex:     o male    o female

Please, express your opinion about the following statements and questions:

                                  I      I        I       I       I
                              strongly agree   partly  disagree strongly
                                agree          agree            disagree

 1. I am very interested in       o-------o-------o-------o-------o
    political reports
    (newspaper, radio, TV).

 2. The work of politicians       o-------o-------o-------o-------o
    serves people well.

 3. I could really imagine        o-------o-------o-------o-------o
    becoming a politician

 4. There is at least one         o-------o-------o-------o-------o
    political party that
    represents my personal

 5. Personal political commitment o-------o-------o-------o-------o
    goes with a change for the

 6. Women do not have any chance  o-------o-------o-------o-------o
    in politics.

 7. Politicians are only          o-------o-------o-------o-------o
    interested in power,
    influence and money.

 8. Politics is a dirty business. o-------o-------o-------o-------o

 9. Are you a member of a (political) party or its youth department?

    o yes       o no

10. Have you ever gone on a political demonstration?

    o yes       o no

12. How well are you informed about the current politics of the Federal
    Republic of Germany (government, reform plans, foreign affairs etc.)?

                                 very    well   fairly  poorly  not at
                                 well            well            all

Thank you!

©  Frank U. Kugelmeier, Attendorn 2005-2010

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